Open Call: Are you interested in becoming a PEACE_Alps replication partner?

The ambition of PEACE_Alps is to enhance the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) or any other energy concepts by supporting Local Authorities (LAs) in developing concrete actions with an inter-municipal approach. The project proceeds by identifying local needs using a bottom up approach, pooling them to create economies of scale and then providing centralized solutions at regional level. PEACE_Alps focuses on the following areas in which partners are implementing innovative approaches: Energy Management, Energy Refurbishment of buildings and public lighting, Local adaptation to Climate Change. Examples are listed below that can be shared with replication partners.               

If you would like to participate in a joint exchange with one of our PEACE_Alps expert partners, to support your efforts in implementing sustainable energy plans with centralised solutions at regional level, then please fill in the questionnaire available here and send it to your PEACE_Alps contact or to

Deadline: 30 September 2017                    Selection of partners:  13 October 2017


How do you benefit from becoming a replication partner?

All support provided through PEACE_Alps is based on your needs and interests as we want to offer a joint exchange that is tailor made to the specific challenges of your region. You will benefit from:

  • Matching your organisation with a PEACE_Alps expert organisation based on your requirements and PEACE_Alps partner area of expertise;
  • An onsite visit of best practices at your PEACE_Alps partner’s premises arranged for your policy makers and technical personnel. Local accommodation expenses for the visit (hotel, meals, local transport and catering) will be paid for by the PEACE_Alps project.
  • Onsite technical support at your premises from a PEACE_Alps partner. Travel costs will be paid by the project ;
  • Examples of
  • Remote support (telephone or web based) will be available to your organization.


What do you have to contribute as a replication partner?

  • An official confirmation from your structure for supporting Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) or any other energy concepts in your region.
  • Travel costs for your staff when visiting the PEACE_Alps partner organisation to observe their best practice;
  • Local accommodation expenses (hotel, meals, local transport, catering) for the PEACE_Alps partner visiting your region to provide onsite technical support;


How do you qualify for becoming a replication partner?

The PEACE_ALPS project is offering at least 20 organizations across the Alpine Space Area the opportunity to become a replication partner.  The following prerequisites are essential:


  • A strong commitment to supporting and creating a favourable environment for the implementation of SEAPs;
  • Knowledge of regional and local actors involved in the development and support of SEAPs
  • Competences in Sustainable Energy and Climate Change and possibilities to make an impact.

If any further information, please refer to your PEACE_Alps contacts or directly to:

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